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Chomp!™, the Fun Folding Plate for Kids, Saves Parents Time and Money by Doubling as a Microwaveable Storage Container

Chomp!™, the Fun Folding Plate for Kids, Saves Parents Time and Money by Doubling as a Microwaveable Storage Container

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OVIEDO, Fla., Sept. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Chomp!™, the simple solution parents need to deal with the struggles of mealtime.  Chomp! is a fun folding plate that lies flat when open and folds into a storage container when closed. The first of its kind, the Platainer™ Mealtime System seeks to save parents time and money by eliminating the hassles that accompany mealtime.

Chomp! comes with four convenient compartments that make it easy to keep foods separate for parents with picky eaters on their hands. The hinge system allows Chomp! to fold from a plate into a storage container that can be easily refrigerated. It is also dishwasher safe and made with non-toxic plastic. Chomp! seals when folded shut to keep food fresh, so little ones can eat their food at a later time and parents don't have to throw away wasted leftovers.

Chomp! comes in a variety of fun characters that children will enjoy. Parents can choose from four characters for their kids including an alligator, kitty, puppy or shark. Kids can close Chomp! shut whenever they're done eating and put it in the fridge themselves. Chomp! is microwave safe, which makes it easier than ever to pre-prepare meals for the sitter or store breakfast the night before to make for a smooth morning routine. Chomp! even has a fun handle that allows kids to take their Chomp! with them, whether it's to school, the park, sporting events or the beach.

"Chomp! is fun for little ones and also serves as a time saver for parents," said creator of Chomp!, Dawn Janowitz. "I know that the problems I face everyday with my own child are the same problems that other parents face as well, so I hope Chomp! will provide a simple solution to those mealtime struggles. No more worrying about throwing away expensive leftovers or trying to find lids to all those containers. Just close Chomp! shut, put it in the fridge and you're good to go!"

Chomp! is as easy as filling, folding, closing and storing it. Wasting money by throwing away leftovers will no longer be a problem because little ones will want to take their Chomp! with them everywhere. Chomp! seeks to serve as a fun way to get children to eat regularly and stay healthy.


Chomp! is based out of Oviedo, FL and seeks to be the brand leader of fun, dynamic products for young kids. Chomp! was designed to help busy parents through the use of fun products that make the process of feeding their children easier, while encouraging healthy eating habits. For more information, visit www.chompfun.com.


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